Swim Camp in Slovenia- Day 2

Day one of swim camp was all about swims in Lake Bled.  We started with a test swim to see what groups we should be in.  We had to do a simple out and back maybe 100 yards total so they could confirm the swim times we gave them when we registered.  I was in the middle group- the orange caps.  We had a faster group of yellow caps and slower group (comprised of two people- a married couple) the pink caps.  Once we had our proper assignments we put any swim shoes, towels, and, in my case, a cane in our swim guide’s kayak and off we went to the island in the middle of the lake.

View from the street of the sidewalk, hedges, lake and in the distance the church on the island and mountains in the background
Lake Bled

The yellow caps started first and were taken on a slightly longer swim path than we were.  Then we started.  We did a good job of staying together and our guide had a few pauses for us on the way to make sure we did not get lost and were doing OK.  The pauses were not necessary as we were all fantastic and incredibly happy to be swimming in such a beautiful lake.  We all took advantage of the pauses to take off our goggles, look around, and appreciate where we were.  It did not take long to swim to the island and once there it was time for tea!

dock on the island in the lake. A group of swimmers hanging out in their swimsuits and drying off.
We made it to the island!


The guides had “biscuits” and tea packed for us to warm up with post swim/pre island exploration.  The guide Tasmin asked if anyone wanted black tea and I said yes.  Then she asked who wanted milk in their tea.  Um, I did.  I handed her back my cup and sheepishly admitted I had not quite understood the question!  After our little pick me up I put on my cover up and started to amble up the 99 awkward stone steps on my lonesome with my handy cane.  Tasmin came over and said she would walk around with me- the perks of being a walking hazard.

After touring the grounds of the island we swam back to shore and headed to lunch.  I scarfed a pizza and Patrick had some traditional sausage dish.  When lunch ended the rest of the crew hiked up something to a look out point and we stuck around the beach waiting for them to come back.

bled from lookout point
View of Lake Bled from the lookout point that I did NOT walk to. Photo cred: thanks to one of my fellow swimmers!

I am glad I bailed on that jaunt because everyone was a sweaty mess when they arrived.  We suited back up to swim the full length of Lake Bled.

Lake Bled and the island with a church in the middle of the lake

Once again we stopped here and there to regroup and admire the scenery.


The swim was easy because there was a cable we could follow- no need for siting, just swimming.

swimmers in the water swimming
Just keep swimming!


Before we knew it we were on the other side with 2K of water behind us.

view of the lake with a few swim caps and arms of swimmers, kayaker/guide in a bright orange shirt, mountains in the background and a very small view of the church on the island in the middle of the lake.
Swimming in with our guide

We all headed over to something the guides called the lido (?).  I just went where they told me- actually I swam where they told me and everyone else walked.  No point in getting on land to go somewhere I can get to faster by water.  I have no idea if “lido” was an official name of the place or if it is some sort of British description for a fun place on the water where you can sit, (or lie down- lido?) and splash around in the water, or play on the slides, trampolines, and some sort of water see-saw float thing.  I did some aqua jogging before our group stroke instructions and then it was time for dinner.  Finally!  I was famished and THIRSTY!

Dinner was at a traditional barbecue place and about half the table got their special for the day- slow grill/roasted veal with roasted vegetables.  I washed it down with two glasses of a Slovenian rosé.  The wine was both stronger and sweeter than what I normally get in the states and it went perfectly with the food.

At the end of the meal we packed it in to the van and headed back to the hotel in Bohinj.  I slinked into bed to get as much sleep as possible before doing it all over again except in a glacial lake in Italy and a river in Slovenia.

View of the lake with the island and church
View of the island halfway-ish up the lake

Author: Oh yes she cane!

My name is Kerry and I love swimming, hiking, working out in general, travelling, shopping, baking, and reading. Some of those loves are a bit tricky to perform thanks for my rare nerve disease- hereditary spastic paraparesis. No worries though as I have a super handy cane, hiking poles, and amazing friends that help me along the way! I hope to share with you a bit about my life, inspire you to live yours to fullest, and hopefully, if needed, motivate you to get whatever assistance will help you to do so!

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