Food is Good – F.I.G Charleston

The other night my brother, sister-in-law, and friend Kerranna all went out for dinner at F.I.G  which stands for Food is Good and there it most certainly is.

We devoured most all of the appetizers, and had fun trying a few cocktails, as well as a couple bottles of orange wine.

The thing I love most about F.I.G, aside from the amazing food, is the servers’ desire to share their love of food with everyone at the restaurant.  F.I.G serves creative food and has one of those menus where you only understand about half the words on the page, which in a lot of restaurants could make it seem snobby, unapproachable, or too hip for the average human, but not here.  There is no need to fear needing something translated at this place.  Everyone working there just wants you to find dishes that you are going to love eating.  Since their focus is on a love of food and not a specific vibe, you can see an awesome mix of people at any time in the restaurant.  We walked into a room of young and old patrons at 8:30 and seated shortly after us was a group of 6 with two kids about ages 8 and 10.  There is no kids menu, but the place is family friendly as well as food forward.

F.I.G is my number one restaurant to eat at when I am home in Charleston and honestly I would recommend anyone plan a trip to Charleston just to eat there.  And drink there.  The cocktail menu is where all the weird unknown words are, but no worry your server can translate how they will taste.  If nothing tickles your fancy on the menu, you can have the bar tender shake something up for you based on flavors and liquors you know you like.  On one visit after a trip in Italy, and after falling in love with the flavors of amaro, my brother and sister-in-law went to F.I.G and requested multiple rounds of cocktails based on amaro.  The bartenders ended up delivering 8 different custom made drinks.  They stopped at the number, not due to lack of creativity, but my bro and sis-in-law’s desire to not be hungover the next day.

My recommendation:

Go to Charleston

Eat at F.I.G

Get a custom cocktail

Ask for the burnt eggplant and cottage cheese and the ricotta gnocchi if they are on the menu


Don’t be afraid so soak up all the sauce with bread, it’s a judgement free restaurant

Author: Oh yes she cane!

My name is Kerry and I love swimming, hiking, working out in general, travelling, shopping, baking, and reading. Some of those loves are a bit tricky to perform thanks for my rare nerve disease- hereditary spastic paraparesis. No worries though as I have a super handy cane, hiking poles, and amazing friends that help me along the way! I hope to share with you a bit about my life, inspire you to live yours to fullest, and hopefully, if needed, motivate you to get whatever assistance will help you to do so!

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