Staying in Shape During the Quar

When NY first got notice from Governor Cuomo that gyms would be forced to shut down I had a mini melt down.  My life can be summed up as office-gym-home.  Living that OGH life!

The Friday that gyms had to shut their doors I headed to the Ciccotti Center for a good old fashioned sweat session on my elliptical and then to hit up the weight machines.  Except my regular ellipticals were nowhere to be found!  they had been replaced by some stupid machine that had pedals hanging from what looked like cables.  I tried to get them to go like an elliptical because they seemed to have the same basic look, but all I could make happen was a stair step.  I dashed (who am I kidding?) hobbled over to a trainer and asked him where my machines had gone.  Oh we got these great new machines…  No, so they are just done?  Yes, we upgraded them!  With stair steppers? They can also move like a Cybex machine!  But no like an elliptical?  Oh we still have the other model of elliptical.  No, I’ll just use the Cybex.   Just one second and I will be over to help you with the new machines, they are great!

They may have been great, but I did not care.  Someone had moved all my cheese and I just wanted to work out on a machine I knew.  I finally convinced him to stop being so helpful and let me do my thing.  For the next 2 hours I sweated it out on the Cybex and then on all the weight machines I could get my hands on before the clock struck 8.  The pumpkin hour AKA State-wide mandatory closing time.

On my drive home I wondered how in the world I would be able to keep up with my physical therapy and physical fitness needs without access to a gym.  The rest of the world could go outside for a run, jog, or brisk walk, but I don’t have the coordination to get my heart rate anywhere near a cardiovascular level by walking.  Thankfully, instead of being in a mental rut when news struck about closures, my wonderful husband took to Facebook Marketplace and found me the perfect elliptical.  That weekend we drove almost an hour away to pick up a very old, but not at all rickety, Nordic Track elliptical.  Unlike other machines he has spotted for secondhand sale this one was sturdy and had both movable arms and solid bars on either side so that I could be supported when getting on and off the machine.  We paid for the machine, and Patrick and the seller loaded it up in our truck.  The thing sat in our driveway, in the truck until our friend could come over to help Patrick get it inside.


We added it to the living room, which I have taken over to be my new office space.  It is the perfect location.  I have to pass it anytime I want to get out of the living room.  I made a deal with myself that every time I got up to go to the bathroom I would hop on it for 3 minutes to get the extra steps I am missing out on by not being in my company’s office.  That lasted a few days.  I have made good use of it and while my workouts are not quite as intense as they would be at the Cicotti center, I am still getting my heart rate up, keeping my muscles strong, and not putting on any of the Covid 15 others have complained about.  I was hoping that without a traditional gym my mind would shift and I would get stricter with myself about doing my annoying, small muscles focused PT exercises.  Nope.  I still hate them, and no amount of self-isolation with change that.

Kerry on an elliptical in the front of her living room. fore-ish ground has some boxes she needs to return to Zappos. Background has her entry way table and her liquor cabinet :-)
I have a perfect shelf where I can put my laptop. I am working out while listening in on a meeting where I am a passive participant. AND all my lovely boxes of shoes from Zappos (and a Banana Republic item) to return! Also, I NEVER work out without a shirt over my sports bra, but in the comfort of my own home? Who cares?

Author: Oh yes she cane!

My name is Kerry and I love swimming, hiking, working out in general, travelling, shopping, baking, and reading. Some of those loves are a bit tricky to perform thanks for my rare nerve disease- hereditary spastic paraparesis. No worries though as I have a super handy cane, hiking poles, and amazing friends that help me along the way! I hope to share with you a bit about my life, inspire you to live yours to fullest, and hopefully, if needed, motivate you to get whatever assistance will help you to do so!

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