Race Timing, Shopping, Tacos, and Wrestling

Last weekend Patrick and I headed down to the city (for anyone living outside of New York, “the city” always means New York City) to time a race for a friend.  When I say “time a race” I mean exactly that.  Only it is more intricate work than starting a stop watch after shouting “On your mark! Get set! Go!”  We set up these fancy mats that have wires and RFD readers in them that “read” a chip that is attached to each runner’s race bib (the paper with the number they wear on their chest- or, at least, are supposed to wear on their chest).

The race was part of NAMI’s (National Alliance for Mental Illness) Walk NYC.  The main event is a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but they added a 5K along the bike path by the river.  This is the third year we have timed the race and it is one of my favorites.  First off, it is for an amazing cause, second it is so exciting to see how many people come out for it, and third it is in the city so we always spend a little time after the race hanging out.

Our event at 9AM kicked off the events for the day.

NAMI start 5k me and P
And they’re off! Photo Cred NAMI WALKS Faceook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/NAMINYC/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2452088948159019


The walk started at 10:30 so runners could do both events if they wanted.

nami bride walk
Photo Cred: NAMI WALKS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/NAMINYC/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2452088948159019

This race is the only one Patrick and I have timed in an urban setting.  It is so much different than doing something in a park, or a more suburban setting.  The biggest difference is that from a distance you have no idea who is in your race and who is just out enjoying a morning run!

Thankfully since the start/finish is limited in size thanks to the length and width of sidewalk, clean up is pretty quick.  Except no matter how many times I pack up those darn finish shute flags I can never get them to line up the way they did when I found them.

me and the flags

After the race I popped into one of my fave boutiques LeeLee’s Forest and picked up a few cute items.  Patrick found this necklace for me.



Then it was off to Patrick’s favorite destination Luchadores (that is Spanish for the fighters, in this case the wrestlers) for street tacos!

lunch and leelees

And when I thought the day could not get any more delicious, we stopped into Big Gay Ice Cream were I got a Salty Pimp, and P got a basic, but always yummy cup of soft serve chocolate.

ice cream


Author: Oh yes she cane!

My name is Kerry and I love swimming, hiking, working out in general, travelling, shopping, baking, and reading. Some of those loves are a bit tricky to perform thanks for my rare nerve disease- hereditary spastic paraparesis. No worries though as I have a super handy cane, hiking poles, and amazing friends that help me along the way! I hope to share with you a bit about my life, inspire you to live yours to fullest, and hopefully, if needed, motivate you to get whatever assistance will help you to do so!

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